Our Practice Areas


Personal Injury & Disability Law

If you’ve been injured in an automotive accident or have been refused disability payment under your insurance policy, we should talk. 


By making a claim, we’ll work with you and the insurance companies to negotiate compensation to cover costs associated with pain and suffering, lost income (past and future), and care and replacement services.


We’ll take care of the paperwork and the meetings, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Services includes:

  • FREE consultation 

  • FREE case review

  • Assistance filling out forms 

  • Preparation of financial and health information 

  • Advice on court decisions that could affect your claim

  • Clear explanations as to which course to follow, based on your unique needs


Family Law

When life doesn’t go as planned, you need an ally in your corner. That’s where our team of family law experts come in. Whether you need to draft up a separation agreement to divide up your property, are seeking a divorce, or need legal counsel regarding the welfare of your children, we can help. 


Services includes:

  • FREE initial consultation 

  • Clear explanations as to which course to follow, based on your unique needs

  • Explanations of what courts have done for custody and access in similar circumstances

  • Assistance in drafting financial statements and affidavits


Immigration Law

Whether you are new to Canada, intending to hire an employee from abroad, or need assistance with legal matters related to immigration, we can help.  


Services includes:

  • FREE initial consultation 

  • Clear explanation of the requirements to move to or bring employees to Canada to work 

  • Guidance on applications for visas, citizenship, etc.

  • Assistance in completing immigration documents

What our clients have to say

“Mike Murphy and his associates worked extremely hard on my complex case involving a motor vehicle accident and long-term care. Jordan Thompson was prompt answering all of my many questions. He gave me frequent correspondence updates on my case so I felt aware and a part of everything. Winning our case gave me the opportunity to improve my quality of life and the ability to start my life over with my husband.”


- Angela MacDonald